Thursday, July 30, 2009

The true merit of a song...

How does a person gauge the worth of a song? Is it the rhythm, a metric time pounded out in in percussive patterns matching the patterns of a heartbeat in passion? Or perhaps it is the arrangement of certain notes and chords and they form harmonics, complimenting or opposing each other as the sound ripples through the air. Maybe a specific instrument makes a song; the vocal moan of an oboe, the tinny pluck of a harpsichord, or the thousand captured angels of a pipe organ. Some say a song is contained in the lyrics. But I disagree with this statement. Lyrics while they might capture an emotion or idea, only reflect the mood of the song writer. Not to play down the poetry that goes into, but how does one explain the classical works of Ravel, Beethoven, or the Ventures who made music lacking any lyrics.

I proposed a new way to evaluate music.

Can you meow to it?

If I can't meow to a song. I believe that it isn't worth listening to.

Take the band Fugazi for instance, every song, every album, completely meowable. In fact, they rate a 10 of 10 on my meowable scale. Certain songs by The Misfits can be meowed to. The same can be said for Abba, Bruce Springstein, Beck, Vangelis, The Wipers, Talking Heads. Even Three Dog Night, Dick Dale and the Carpenters are meowable though they are harsh opposites in the realities of life.

But there are bands and musicians you cannot meow to. Sheryl Crow is not meowable. Nor are the bands Limp Bizkit, Korn, John Denver, along with any of the later works of Cher. Bette Midler is meowable only if your are of a certain subset of the non-opposite sex loving populace, i.e. a homosexual. But the vast majority of the populace will never turn their car stereos to eleven, speakers bumping as they cruise down the street playing the soundtrack to Beaches.

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