Thursday, July 16, 2009

khan jobs...

Sometimes certain things make sense when paired together...

Today I am presenting how to graphically present a family tree in one branch.

Chaka Khan will be the main trunk of this tree. The Tree of knowledge, forbidden fruit so to speak. From her, all knowledge of good and evil springs forth. And the first branch arises.

Meet the Sharkticons of the Transformers Movie... This is the first generation of Chaka Khan offspring. Notice the purple and shininess.
The Sharkticons are Chaka Khan's descendants with more sharp teeth and evil light bulb eyes. The bulbous shape of the body is a remnant of the previous Khan generation. From this branch we have a lesser but equally important step in the evolutionary chain.

Two generations removed from Chaka Khan, the Sharkticons will give birth to the scourge of Star Fleet, Khan. He was exiled from Earth in the 1990s according to Wikipedia... So it is very likely that Chaka Khan gave birth to this tyrant in some disco inferno of cocaine ecstatic rhythm. The 1970s were a very brutal time. We should all be very afraid of everything that came out of that decade. Recessive traits of Chaka Khans previous plumage come out in Khan's out hair and garb. Like I stated before, be afraid.

Of course, there is also Chaka. Chaka is a unique divergence from the branch of Chaka Khan. A true bringing about the dominant tribal traits of Khan and the 70s era kitsch of Chaka Khan, Chaka has lost all technological elements of the Sharkticons and lives and primitives.

They will give rise to more vicious species in the future.

Chaka Khan + Sharktikons + Wrath of Khan + Chaka = This is how genetics work.

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