Friday, July 3, 2009

July Third: Dependence Day

Well, if you are not giving her the companionship she needs, try drugs!
Unfortunately, reading the script of this advertisement, one cannot tell what is implied. Is the hard working husband no longer able to support a hard member? Or does he simply have the blues? Maybe he has a wife who is asking to much of this gentleman who provides all he can but she just wants more and this drug will provide him the frantic energy filled with a great deal of B-vitamins and other herbs and stimulants that will allow him to socialize and then work and then pork her her till dawn and then go to work the next day where he ultimately crashes in a heap of tears and sheer exhaustion and tear of complete worry from wondering if she will ever be satisfied with all he will ever gives her.

So Happy Dependence Day. Remember it for the people you need and you can't live without.

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