Sunday, July 12, 2009

You might as well ignore this post if you are not a comic book nerd...

Well, that little caveat could be stated as a preface for many of these little pieces of clutter, but I digress and return to one of my most fondest of loves comic book lore and continuity.

If you follow DC Comics, then you are probably like me anticipating Blackest Night. Blackest Night is going to be the epic story of the summer that will be the epic story of the summer. Basic premise: The dead will rise and they will kick ass. Basically a whole bunch of heroes and villains over 75 years of continuity will be resurrected and cause mass chaos. No one quite knows what to expect until this Wednesday when the first issue is in the local comic book shops... But here is my wish list of characters I would like to see return as a villainous Black Lantern. Like I stated earlier, unless you are a DC Comics nerd, you might as well just move onto the next post or wait until tomorrow when I put up something more interesting about monkeys, old advertisements, ephemera, or some other odd something or other.

Most of these characters will never see the light of day again, their gimmicks long lost and or forgotten.

  • Conduit: A childhood friend of Clark Kent turned enemy of Superman who knows the dual identity of the Superhero.
  • Waverider: Keeper of Hypertime
  • Ranx the Sentient City: Not really certain if this thing is dead, but imagine a undead evil city with a big hate-on for the Green Lanterns! He was a Yellow Lantern, so why not?
  • Triumph: Time lost super hero with a grudge that was eventually turned to ice and smashed by the Specter.
And finally I would request that we bring back the alien who impersonated JFK while the real President was off having adventures in space. I bet that alien is seriously pissed for not having health care reform and for, well being shot instead of the real Prez dying. Well, maybe we should bring back Prez as well.

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