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Speculatron: Thoughts on Blackest Night

So this is the 100th post to the Wonderful World of Clutter, why not dedicated it to one of my first loves, no not Tonya Harding, Abalone, Linda Ellerbee, or the music of Vangelis. No. I am talking about comic books.

Thank you all for reading and enduring up to this point. I love you all.

But now Comic Books!

So a lot of people are talking about Blackest Night. Well, at least I'm talking about Blackest Night. And even though at one of the panel's at the San Diego Comicon Geoff John's stated Nekron is not the big baddie, I think this is general misdirection.

Take the following pages from Green Lantern Annual #7: In this tale Kyle Rayner, at the time the only Green Lantern left after Hal Jordan kills the a lot of the GL Corp, most of Guardians, and destroys the Central Power Battery, is visited by the ghost of Abin Sur, a former famed Green Lantern. In the pursuit of mystery and fighting evil he comes across a space anomaly and is faced with a rift into the realm of the dead where Nekron reigns.

Nekron has made scattered appearances in the DC universe. Most of the time he is trying to venture into the realm of the living in order to destroy it. His chief power is dominance over the dead and the ability to resurrect corpses. He tried this once before in an early battle against the GL Corps, at the time his army of the undead even included dead Corps members.

As this little re-cap so appropriately describes, it would be easy to see how Nekron could be the evil entity that could want to destroy the universe. With recent events of Final Crisis, Infinite Crisis, the Sinestro War, and various Multiversal incursions, one might easily assume that a breach through the dimensions has once again occurred. The use of the Anti-Monitor as a fuel for the power battery for the Black Lanterns only fully solidifies this idea given that the Anti-Monitor could be thought of as an entity anti-matter and thus a walking rift in creation.

However there are a few factors that are unknown. Krona has been stated to play a role in the future of this story. And given that Krona once took on the name and characteristics of Entropy seeking destruction and chaos instead of order in the universe it is possible that he plays is has a large role in the bringing about the dead of the universe.

There are also random Guardians who have gone mad over the years. Could one of those tripped out a bit more?

I have to wait three more weeks to find out what the next chapter contains for this book. Which is kind of tortuous. But who knows. I guess there are worse fates.
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