Friday, July 10, 2009

Heroic Efforts: Advice From Super Heroes

Welcome to a new feature on the Wonderful World of Clutter, "Heroic Efforts: Advice From Super Heroes." This is a place where the common questions of our earth bound mortals will be answered by the bold heroes, vigilantes, and cosmic entities of the DC Universe.

Today, I felt as a primer, it would be wise to have some of the oldest and therefore wisest entities in the universe answer one of the most challenging questions to plague mankind. The entities are the Guardians of the Universe, the keepers of The Book of Oa, Source of the Green Lanterns, and the upholders of universal justice in for the known 3600 sectors of the known universe. They are little blue men and women immortals and they live at the center of the universe.

Today's question: What is the best way to ask a person out on a date?
Ooookay, well, um... Any other advice?
Isn't that a bit contradictory Mr. Guardian? Eh...Never mind, what should that person do about first date jitters?

Would you suggest inviting the person to his or her apartment after the date?

And this is why the guardians are some of the wisest and most powerful beings in the universe.

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