Sunday, July 26, 2009

Scary Monkey Picture of the Week

Yes, these monkeys will eat your babies. And just because they look like skunks doesn't mean that they are friendly like Flower in Bambi. They will first sell your baby to people who will make it fight evil midgets. And since babies lack motor skills, they ultimately lose...die...and then are eaten in an orgy of evil colobus evilness.

Sure you might think that their eyes make them look human. But remember, Cyborgs look human too. So do little gray aliens, mole people, Scientologists, zombies, and evil midgets. And you would never let your baby play with a cyborg, mole person, Scientologist, zombie, or evil midget. Unless you were a heartless colobus monkey. And then by pure logic you aren't human at all. That means you are just plain old evil.

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