Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crisis Averted: File Under Jonathan Swift would be Proud...

Consider this a modern Modest Proposal:

A zoo in boston, facing major budget costs, declares that it needs a certain amount of money or it will need to start euthanizing it's animals. The deadline grows close. Elephant tranqs are prepped for 200 animals. The states comes through with millions of emergency funding.

All of the animals are saved! Except for a peacock that no one liked. Goddamned peacocks. Okay so I made up that last part.

So I was thinking. This is genius. Right now we have a major budget crisis in our education system. Portland has often had to cut days out of the school year making our public education system a bit of a national joke for some time. So why don't we threaten to "cull" 500 children because the expenses are just to darned high? Now we just wait for the money to roll in.

Surely we a child's education is worth more than a warthog.

Or is it...

Me...I am a lover of Animals. Here is a picture of me with a baby alpaca.

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