Saturday, July 11, 2009

What constitutes as Bizarre?

Each time I read this I wonder what constitutes as a "bizarre" book?
In my personal library, I have a number of rare out of print books, signed first editions, and limited edition printings. But few things I would truly think of as bizarre.

Of course, anyone looking at my bookcase might think the contrary. An Introduction to Parasitology or Surgical Errors and their Corrections might not be considered the most typical of evening reads of things to put on ones coffee table either. The Golden Guide to Hallucinogenic Plants might also be considered bizarre given that most of the guides seemed targeted at children. And of course there are the strange comics I have in my collections, some more unusual than others.

But now onto outdated career opportunities: Handwriting Analyst. Yes, you too can analyze handwriting. Be an amateur detective. Get jobs doing...well pointless things that really have no real world application. Imagine that you are part of some silly and highly improbably crime drama on one of the big three television channels.

Or not...
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