Friday, July 3, 2009

Scary Monkey Image of the Day #2

So if you happened to watch Conquest of the Planet of the Apes or Escape from the Planet of the Apes you know the story of the story of Caesar.

Through the paradox of time travel, truly on of the most pain in the ass science fiction tropes in existence, Cornelius and Zira escaped the nuclear destruction of the future Earth. When they returned to "our time" which happened to be in the 1970s, Zira gave birth to a young chimpanzee that was to be the first sentient English-speaking ape, Caesar. Cornelius and Zira are killed. Caesar is raised in hiding.

Jumping forward to the next film, many years in the future sometime in the 2000s a plague has killed of all domestic animals. People have taken to keeping apes and other monkeys as pets. Those pets, because of their larger brain capacity could be trained to do house chores. Those trained monkeys became slaves. Until Caesar led a revolt and taught these newly educated apes fight against man. Thus a conquest. Leading to a Planet of Apes.

Anyway, my synopsis is short.

But this image is proof that the future is not far away. The Ice Capades has had a secret simeon training program since the 1970s taking various primates and training them to "perform" on ice for upcoming natural disasters. The uniforms are part of the codification of classes as designated by the film. As indicated here, the Chimpanzees will be part of a sailor class of "Sea Ape" navigating the torrential oceans of ice and fire and they will be certain to kill almost any remaining feeble minded humans that are encountered along the way.

This is why the image is so damned scary.
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