Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Working Week...

Normally I refrain from entering my realm of clutter while I play research assistant, but today, I have decided to play hooky and post a few simple statements.

  1. Talking with a mouth full of food is disgusting and rude.
  2. Blind People + Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation = The best absurdist comedy ever
  3. In a sound proof booth, no one can hear you scream...that is unless the intercom is turned on and then it is kind of embarrassing.

Other than that. There really isn't much to say.

But I guess I can leave you with a question that has bothered me for ages since I first saw this sign on the receptionists desk. Where has Shorty been?


  1. maybe they will call the light cigarettes "shorties"

  2. Given that a full flavor cigarette and a light cigarette are the same size, "Shorties," isn't quite an appropriate descriptor.

    Maybe, at least for Camels, they will start placing humps on the camels. One hump for lights; two for full flavor.

    Who knows.
    From now forward, all cigarettes will be know be known as "Morally Objectionable Flavored and you kind of care about your health," or, "Morally Objectionable and You are In Denial about Your Health."