Burning The Burnt Selena Project

Dearest Internet Reader,
This page is my formal disclaimer, apologies, and hey remember to cite properly statement. As part of Creative Commons, I hope to have this blog retain a sense of dignity, pride, and keep it from getting into the hands of those who would mutilate my lovely hastily written posts.

Ergo, I want to make the following disclosures:

  • Comic book images, ephemera, and other images scanned from pieces of print media are from my own collection unless noted.
  • The photographs have been taken by The Burnt Selena Project, unless noted.
  • YouTube videos, well, I can't claim to be a music video producer, so those are from the internet.
  • The half-formed ramblings, wandering meta-narratives, and oddly phrased prose is a long extension of the work of the Burnt Selena Project's creator, being me. 
Please feel free to share with friends or repost to strangers, but I ask that you please mention the Wonderful World of Clutter. 

Kind Regards,

Patrick from The Burnt Selena Project