Thursday, July 9, 2009

Scary Monkey Pictures of the Day #3

There are a couple of things that 'Mericans love more than anything. I could list them all but that list would be really too long and most of you wouldn't agree with it. And as a result, you probably would have to leave this country because you aren't truly 'Merican for loving these things. So I am just going to post two of the things that are truly adored.

A co-worker of mine was discussing the film, "Man on a Wire," which unlike the movie "Bird on a Wire," doesn't feature Goldie Hawn, but does have a French guy on it. A French guy who walks a high wire between the two towers of the World Trade Center. He was apparently the only person to do this at the time. Even though 'Mericans tend to dislike the French and rename proper food staples such silly names Freedom Fries in disgust because of association of Frenchiness, the whole country loves this movie.

Because 'Mericans love the World Trade Center. Well loved...Well actually they hated the building when it was being built. But once it was gone, jingo bells rang out across the find land of 'Merica and we all weeped red, white, and blue tears. I don't think that most people could really care about a French guy walking on a piece of cable between buildings. Remember a lot of people don't trust circus performers unless they are French Canadian, which is very different than being French or Canadian.

So I had an idea. A revival of sorts. 'Mericans love for The World Trade Center is almost as equalled by the love of giant monkeys. The only problem is that 'Mericans also love guns and to shoot things that they don't necessarily understand. As a result they tend to kill the giant monkeys that they encounter.

The 70s remake of King Kong is the combination of the three of this fine country's greatest loves. Consider that the worlds largest ape climbs the World Trade Center and then is shot with lots of guns. Glorious. And so much cooler than any Frenchman walking to and fro from the two building. Considering King Kong could place one foot on each of the two towers and let his giant gorilla balls hang down over Lower Manhattan proudly declaring, "'Merica you love me!"
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