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As a non-drinker, it probably is not wise of be to create my own cocktails. But, alas I have.

And so for your summer drinking pleasure some wonderful drinking experiences:

The Curtis Hemingway
1 part vodka
2 parts dry vermouth
4 parts Rose's grenadine syrup

Shake serve...
This lovely drink will make you puke. But it has the remarkable magical power of making stains on the carpet that resemble the face of Jesus. Multiple experiments with this cocktail in college have made many religious holy sites in my college town.

The Yuppie-Hipster-Douche Bag
1 shot on J├Ągermeister
1 shot of Oregon Pinot Noir
a Sprits of Pabst Blue Ribbon
Serve in a highball glass

The name says it all. Basically the drink covers the basics of the types of customers that come into my local haunt. Wine drinking yuppies, Pabst drinking hipsters, and J├Ąger requesting douches.

And finally for seasoned sleaze balls:

A half-rack of Coors Light
2 Valium
Served with an eighteen year old girl

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