Sunday, July 12, 2009

Heroic Efforts: Ask a Monitor

For this weeks entry into the world of Super Powered Advice, we consult the Monitors for travel tips.

Given that the Monitors are the overseers of the 52 separate known universes of the current multiverse. Basically they watch over all of reality, that is excluding any potential time anomalies created by time travellers, pocket dimensions, futures that might come to pass but are not yet solidified, anti-matter worlds, and other hyper-time divergences that are all somewhat possible in the world of comic books.

Basically if you see a big guy with shoulder pads, corn rows, and a beard...probably a monitor. Or someone with a hormone problem, but that is a separate discussion.

Today's Topic: What are some suggestions you might have for someone from The Midwest who is traveling to Russia for the very first time?

Well, Europe is a long trip away... and I guess their would be a language barier. But don't you think calling this referring to the Russians as from another Universe is a but drastic?

Um...All differences aside what might be some of the best ways to truly engage in the nuances of Russia of culture and to for a dialogue between for someone who has never been exposed to a foriegn land?

Ummm, but...

Not quite what I was expecting...One final question.

Mr. Monitor, are you by chance friends with Mr. Cheney?

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