Sunday, July 19, 2009


So A few days ago I posted about some Black Lanterns that I hoped would come to be. Since the first issue of Blackest Night has now hit the local comic book stores, I figure I can finally write that I feel extra happy that it looks like one of my hopes might come to pass.

In the JLA morgue, Barry and Hal (Yes, I am on a first name basis with my Super Heroes) discuss their dead colleagues in the midst of a super-villain morgue that contains the bodies of all known super-powered enemies. As a side, they are all stored in lock-down because of a grave-robbing storyline in Nightwing many months ago that featured a scientist building Frankenstein monsters out of dead meta-humans. One of the labeled tombs has Kenny Braverman's name on it. Kenny Braverman was Conduit. One of only a handful of villains to know Superman is Clark Kent.

Of course, we are going to see many more dead people resurrect from the dead during this series. And many more heroes and villains make chaos throughout the Universe. I think this is going to be a very interesting storyline.

I have a few predictions that might play into this...
  1. We will see Krona
  2. We will see Nekron. A lot of Internet buzz has been around about this character and his active role in resurrecting dead lanterns in the past.
  3. Hal Jordan will be attain a Indigo Lantern staff, be consumed by compassion while Sinestro is mortally wounded. But instead of killing him, Jordan will give Sinestro a Green Lantern Ring, thereby restoring the circle of willpower and compassion allowing Forgiveness to triumph over all other emotions.
  4. Rainbow Raider will kick everyone's asses.
Who knows. We are only one issue into this story and two major characters have been killed and recruited to the Black Lanterns.

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