Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Profile of a Hero: Ambush Bug (This one is for you Michael)

What can be said about Ambush Bug? Well...a lot.
Besides being one of the best humor comics published by DC, the character himself is one of the interesting constructs of metafiction. Let me pose the hypothetical question: How would you like to be a comic book character aware with the self-knowledge that you are a comic book character?
That is basically what this strange entity represents. But with less pretension. Less epistemology. Less angst. And more bad puns.

I am particularly fond of this profile of Ambush Bug, which presented in the loose-leaf gimmick version of the DC's Who's Who comics was presented as the very final entry. In here, we discover that all of the profiles of the various characters were in fact actually played by Ambush Bug himself.

Ambush Bug had a recent revival with a comic book mini-series that poked fun of the recent ten or so years of DC comics publishing. However, the last issue has yet to see publication. When questioned about the lateness of the last issue, DC editor Eddie Berganza, mentioned that it would "a very Ambush Bug thing" to not come out with the final issue and just leave all of the stories and plot threads dangling. He then said that it was going to be out soon...That was three months ago in March.

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