Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why Oregon is Special...

When I think of the numerous reasons why Oregon is one of the most unique places in the the country this video, once legendary, now viral, comes to mind.

The anchor man is Paul Linnman, former newsman for KATU. The location, Florence, Oregon, a small costal town about on the long stretch of long stretch along the Pacific. The subject of the news cast, a giant rotting whale.

The video speaks for itself at this point.

There are further legends that persist beyond this film. Legends of further "documentation" government, ODOT, Oregon Department of Transportation films that chronicle more of the exploding whale carnage. Individuals of a certain age set have had the pleasure to see this footage on their evening news broadcast. Every once in a while, KATU combs its archives and replays this in all its analogue glory.

About every seven to ten years another whale will wash up on the shores of the oregon coast. Unfortunately, no fiascoes like this one have been repeated.

Of course every state has something special, ridiculous, and kind of embarrassing to boast about. Tennessee once hanged an Elephant for going berserk at a circus and killing someone.  And Connecticut is the birthplace of George Bush the lesser. So having a glorious exploding dead whale is probably a good thing.

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