Monday, September 28, 2009

That's a big Ten Four...

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I was asked to fill out a little survey about my myself, my likes my goals, and whatever assorted miscellanea that comes along with the introductions of the first week of school. When asked what my favorite movie was I couldn't think of any particular movie that caught my fancy. So I stated wrote down Convoy.

Maybe it comes from my Grandfather being the fleet manager for a bunch of trucks in upstate New York. Maybe it is because Kristofferson kicks ass and sticks it to the man throughout the whole movie. Maybe because it has a whole bunch of truckers driving across the country basically being bad asses breaking out their friends from redneck jails and other misadventures. Maybe it was the catchy song.

Just look at the poster. 

Does that not scream "FUCK YEAH!" You see, without movies like Convoy we wouldn't have Optimus Prime. In fact Optimus Prime would have been a School Bus or something wimpy, but the Convoy proved that not only were Mac Trucks the tool of the working man, they were objects of struggle for the common good just like the Transformers are always struggling over oppression. Of course the Transformer movies sucked. And you know why? Because, Kris Kristofferson wasn't in it driving Optimus Prime in a giant Transformer convoy across this truckin' land being a bad ass and kicking Decepticon and Sharticon ass. 

So if you have the opportunity to see one of the most awesome movies about truck drivers, the working man, struggles for equality, and 'Merica, then get Convoy. Or you could watch Transformers and have your childhood destroyed by really bad acting and a lack of lack of Rodimus Prime being arrogant and knowing that Optimus is really dead. 

We salute you Rubber Duck. Ten-Four big buddy, keep them bears off my back...

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