Monday, May 4, 2009

The Body is a Marvelous Plastic Machine

Consider this a prequel. (And apologies for the potty humor)
To what? You might ask. A reasonable question. One that is quite sensible in this time of Internet hype and scams. Well, the way I see it, the √únternet was created to spread knowledge. And well, since I am preparing to be an expert in all things medically inclined I should share the wealth of the wisdom that I have gained.
The plan is to present a series of short essays called, "Medicine for times of Economic Collapse." We all know how expense medical care is, so why not find some way to do some good old DIY health care? 

Caveat 1:My first voyages into the vast ocean of medical wisdom has guided with the sextant of medical text books written before 1950. Many were written before 1920, and thusly dwell obsolescence.

Caveat 2:These posts are made with tongue placed firmly in cheek. Let me repeat that: TONGUE IN CHEEK. 

So very quick lesson on simple anatomy:
This is your head when cut in half:

This is your Digestive Tract...On a white board with a free floating Liver of DOOOOM!

Remember, when food goes in, it must come out...from this place.

And these are your lungs. This is where gas exchange occurs. Which is different from the the gas exchange that might occur in the above pictures.

So this will conclude today's lesson of anatomy. Future more in depth essays for Medicine For Time of Economic Collapse will include:
  • The Poor Man's Pharmacy
  • Surgery Fun!
  • Who Needs a Dental School? 
  • Whiskey Will Kill That Infection.
  • Spot the Gangrene
  • Separating Your Conjoined Twin is Easier than a Divorce...And Cheaper Too!

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