Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On skulls

Two years ago I happened to come upon an old steamer trunk that I transformed into my first natural history cabinet. The idea of displaying curiosities of the past have always intrigued me since I first strolled into a museum at an early age.

All of the skulls that I have on display have either been gifts from friends or were found while hiking such as the cow skull and the bear skull. The ram skull the only prepared skull that was not naturally cleaned in my collection.

The bleaching of the sun and weathering by the elements has definitely made some of the skulls fairly brittle. A few other random long bones, ribs, and assorted pieces and fragments dot the case, while other small oddities I felt appropriate for the cabinet such as some found fossils, feathers, pelts, and shells.
However, the problem with having skulls in my house is the possibility of being thought of as a goth kid.
And with that I bid you goodnight.
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