Thursday, June 4, 2009

un-edited writings from an old blog...

Once Again I have mined the caverns of the an ancient brog and found this odd rambling about books that I read a few years ago and the knowledge that I tried to spread from their printed words. Yes, in hindsight I do realize that I was off kilter... But let's appreciate these relics of past mistakes. 

For more about the auroch, the weird bull-beast of the Bavarian forest, read the The Ghost with Trembling Wings: Science, Wishful Thinking and the Search for Lost Species.

 Historical Post #2

We should be a terrified people. No, I am not trying to be apocalytpical in my views, but shit is scary. And i mean the actual physical excrement we create. Viruses, bacteria, living organisms passed from person to person. It makes me think, I should really wash my hands more often.
I just read A Field Guide To Germs, and realize that there are so many things that are just plain icky and I keep going back to think about them.

Two things come to mind, one is that if the proper conditions exist, certain bacteria could multiply to an amount that would equal the mass of the earth. But bacteria, even though we are making them resistant to numerous drugs do to overuse, are really quite fragile. Ultra Violet light will destroy some, molds another, and different ones don't like heat or oxygen.
But this is all just silly. There isn't going to be a time when a giant blob of bacteria rolls into our fair cities to eclipse the sun.
So now, I move on to a more important debate that has been going on for some time. Is Superman bullshit or not? I am of the type that says, Superman is not bullshit.
Here are a few reasons:
Superman was created by two Canadian Jews. Thus Superman is Jewish.
And Metropolis is actually modeled off of the city of Toronto. So those of you confused by the Gotham/Metropolis difference, there is no need to worry, the dirty gang-ridden city is based on something American.
And, well Superman is an alien. And a Jewish Alien means that he, not only had to be circumcized (by some means), there is an intelligent designer and he has to be alien, and not created by earthmen, let alone a god, thus Christianity is all bunk. My vote goes to the idea that Krypton actually was god, and that Marlon Brando was the father of the Messiah like figure that was Superman, and through all of this Marlon Brando should be prayed to much in the way that Catholics venerate the Virgin Mary.
This runs like my logic on how to become a genius: People believe Nietzsche was a genius, Nietzsche's genius was attributed to his madness, his madness was caused by syphilis; ERGO, in order to become a genius, I must contract syphilis. Don't forget the Uber Mensch of his writings. And hell, he even ran with an extremely bigotted German, Wagner, until he thought his mentor was completely off base with his ideas of German Nationalism, inspiring hitler...and so on and so on. So Superman and fascism couple like two teenagers necking in a station wagon for the first time, confused and awkwardly.
Next direction to take this: the Auroch. The Auroch is a long extinct ancestor of modern cattle. But imagine the grandfather of your burger (boca is fine in my mind, but doesn't work with this thought experiment), being 3 times larger than your normal bull. And with huge horns. And with a temper. The cave paintings of Lascaux show people hunting the Auroch wiht spears. It was a scary creature. Now what does this  have to do with germs, Superman, and Crazy Germans? Retro-breeding of animals to a bring more primitive strain, to revive a long extinct cow. Yes, in Wagner's/Hitler's view of the world, not only would the Aryans dominate the world, the Black Forrest would be populated by animals that were originally found there. I forget the scientist's name but he worked on early genetic manipulation, the way most civilised people do it, by cross-breeding animals for specific traits. He wanted a ferocious bull that spat fire, he got a cow that kind of looked like the cave paintings. Basically, this isn't that crazy, but all of your heirloom tomatoes were created by similar means.
The good news, do not infect humans, or at least I have not found a case of one yet, but i might be wrong. But disease is often caused by unwashed vegetables fertilized with "night soils." However, Syphilis, the dreaded Pox will only grow in human within the human body, therefore, you might catch typhoid or typhus (different diseases), from your organic tomatoes but you won't become a genius eating them.
Following more tangential thoughts, if I remember correctly, some famous Brit writer, I can't remember who, roughly stated in effect "Syphilis, everyone has it. Big Deal."
Ah but we are no longer cool with VD or Geniuses anyway. Nor are people cool with indestructable people with a sense of ethics. As people have often told me that Superman is bullshit.
And since everyone else is bitching about it. It has been hot. Though, I have been working outside almost everyday it has hit that over-hundred mark, and people in switch from complaining about rain to complaining that we need rain.  I think that is one of the great contradictions that I love about this city.
Can you tell I am living a very boring life?
Eh, well, whatever.

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