Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scary Monkey Image of the Day

Today I present another gleaning from my Wildlife Safari cards, which, by some odd coincidence reminds me of the Weight Watcher recipe cards of the 70s. I guess the only difference between the two is the amount of mackerel presented. But once again, these tangential thoughts really don't assist in the world of observation and ephemeral thoughts.

Let's just face it, some monkeys are just damned scary. While others, such as those featured in my favorite series of movies of all time Planet of the Apes, present benign civilized apes. The De Brazza's Monkey is evil. The way it eats citrus is evil. You can tell it is thinking, "I am going to hide your car keys...BWA-HAHAHA." Or perhaps it is pondering how it is going to smuggle your first born child to evil midgets. Believe me it can happen.

Do you remember the movie Monkey Shine? Plot is quite simple a paraplegic gets a helper monkey, not a De Brazza's monkey, that torments him and tries to kill him. Truly a classic of 80s cinema and one of those hallmarks of the USA channel when it would play very few films that didn't involve animals gone awry. Anyway, the trailer for the film featured the classic wind-up toy monkey with the cymbals and evil grim clanging away in a chaotic rhythm of terror. Yes...TERROR. I am pretty they modelled that toy on this monkey.

One small side note. Notice the udder in the upper right hand corner of the card? It doesn't mean that you can milk these little monkeys to make cheese or other simian dairy products. It means these beasts can be tamed or at least domesticated. The fact that it can eat a piece of citrus means that it tamed. Bet you didn't infer that from this Wildlife Safari card, now did you?
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