Sunday, June 7, 2009

My trading cards will kick your Magic the Gathering cards Butt!

Not quite certain what to say about these cards I found a while back, other than they are awesome, tacky, and feature Jesus doing Jesussy things.  I have very little information about them except that I picked them up in Upstate New York at a random antique shop for fifty cents. Given the way they were weathered and the images appeared, I am guessing they were printed probably around the forties or fifties. On the back of each card is a bible lesson. 
Now being an agnostic, I am quite indifferent toward any of the teachings and all, however, the pop-art quality of everything and the pure kitsch of it all just baffles my mind each time I look at these.

Anyway, my Jesus can totally take down your Orc army like any day of the week. He has a Plus-Infinity Resurrect power, Self-Regenreation power, Can Walk on Water, Fly (as seen in pictures above), is able to cast out demons, and has a better beard than any wizard in your deck.

As far as I know, the only weakness the Jesus card has when played in Magic the Gathering, is that he is unable to hold round charms, stones, or amulets given the wounds in his hands. For some reason they keep falling through his palms.

 Please note, I have never played Magic the Gathering, so I really do not understand the dynamics of this game.
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