Monday, June 15, 2009

The way things were...(maybe)

Continuing from earlier posts, my first autobiography also included highlights about my leisure activities. This was before the age of groupies and nose candies, so to say the least, it was quite boring. For example, below, I discuss what my favorite board games were at the time. Surprisingly, the list is pretty much the same, just inverted a bit. Scrabble is my favorite game. 

And while all the cool kids were watching action and drama shows like Mike Hammer, Dallas, and 60 Minutes. I spent my time watching 3,2,1 Contact and Square One.  Remember when the Bloodhound Gang was a detective agency and not a novelty rap group?
Can I get a Mathnet High Five?
Anyone? No seriously...Mathnet high fives? I have a whole bunch of them hanging around. They are just dying to be shared.

I really don't  know if there will be an continuation of this merry romp down my terrible writing history. The cuteness of it all kind of makes me want to buy a bunny or chickens or something, or is that painfully binge on cocktails of grenadine, vodka, and  Drain-O while smoking Lucky Strikes dreaming of the regrets of my youth.

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