Monday, June 8, 2009

Bustin' Through

This is the Father of Oregon
Oregon has long standing roots with fur traders interested in beaver pelts.
Yes, I will allow you make whatever jokes you want to make at this point right now...
Are you finished?
Now read the plaque.

He is so famous and known throughout the state, that we named a part of Highway 99 after him. A particular strip that is filled with used car dealerships, a few strip clubs, Dollar Tree, and other assorted shops truly symbolic of how wonderful our state is.
Every picture I seems to find of Dr. McLoughlin, he looks kind of unhappy. Maybe it is because we named a really crappy road after him. Or maybe the really great road we named after him, that runs through the town he lived in, where the house that he lived in still stands, even I believe it was moved from its original location (though not to build the highway), became really crappy when people who moved to this state decided to put up car dealerships and dollar stores.

Dr. McLoughlin will never know.
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