Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This time: In Stereo


A few years ago my friend gave me this stereoscope image. The gentleman is a Japanese soldier and he is squatting in front of a makeshift bombshelter. The above image, with faded hand tinted colors, lacks a lot of the glory of later 3-D works and much of the flashiness of later film images. I just kind of find this image charming and desolate at the same time. Not really the type of image that I would like to view in glorious 3-D but then again, I grew up with television and can entertain myself with moving pictures on a telephone that I carry in my pocket.

There is something alluring about the early Stereoscopes, Viewmasters, True-Views, and other optical illusion devices of the twentieth century. At one point in time Viewmaster reels captured every roadside attraction and tourist trap in the country along with every national monument. The original company was based in Portland so a lot of the original reels have a local flavor to them. At the same time they capture that glorious fifties and sixties era color schemes.

I wish I had something profound to say...

I don't...

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