Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Body is a Marvelous Plastic Machine: Part Trois

Alas, time has wasted away since we last visited the wonders of the plastic body. And so, dear readers we might as well visit the realm of the Marvelous Plastic Machine with probably the most magical and miraculous element that makes being a manufactured object wonderful...the manufacturing process.

Okay, so I am being a little coy. But the plastic machine must be created at some point in time. So without much further fanfare:


In order for the plastics to be molded into new models, the proper tools need to be used. Some components as the parts below are much more complex and a lot less glamorous when thought about in this aspect.

The male portion has the tendency to flap in the wind, get caught in the wrong parts, and can malfunction causing to hydraulic failure, and any number of misfires and other awkward non-performance issues.

That isn't to say, that the various aspects of the female components are less complex. It does a hell of a lot more work. 

And then at some point, by some weird mystery, which is probably more difficult to explain than the way television works. A new plastic machine is created.

Isn't this all Magical? Isn't the Marvelous Plastic Machine kind of, dare I say it? Sexy? Well, probably not from what we see here. 

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