Friday, June 19, 2009

Open Letter to Mr. Geoff Johns

Dear Mr. Johns,
I want to thank you again for all of your work at DC Comics over the past few years. I was saddened to hear that you would be moving on from the Justice Society of America, but I must say, I was quite pleased with the way you left the stories and I thought that the Stargirl story concluding your run was a hallmark of perfection.
Like many fans, I am eagerly anticipating your upcoming Blackest Night story in the Green Lantern books. I do wish that you had responded to my previous letter. I really thought that pitch about color-themed characters would tie into the emotional spectrum very fittingly. However, I realized I made a grievous omission from the group of color-coded-criminals, Paintball! One of your very one creations, I might add! I apologize for this error and hope that you will include him in the crusade against the Black Lanterns and their campaign of doom.
I also wanted to make a request as to the various characters to receive Black Lantern rings. I think it would be great to give some of Luthor's Everyman Project victims back their powers as Black Lanterns. We never got a chance to see E.S. Pete in action, nor did we get to see Dyna-Mole kick butt. But most importantly, the most talked about character of 52 week 24 was not Bulleteer, Ambush Bug, or Firestorm. It was Poledancer. Alas her superhero career was limited to the one panel before she was killed by robot-zombie-pirates which is a sad fate because both zombies and pirates are over-played tropes.

We already say that Black Bison will come back as a Black Lantern, so why not let some of the more obscure people fight as well.

Thank you and kind regards,


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