Saturday, June 27, 2009


A while ago I posted about my obsession with tiny objects and Japanese neuroticism, which by proxy means I have some innate genetic trend toward neuroticism and obsession toward the perfected small object.

But I digress. Today I wanted to present the scale of these replica objects which were not accurately presented in my first pictures.


A friend lent me her cigarettes for this example. But presented is a normal size cigarette and next to it are the facimile pack and the little ash tray holds a tiny smoke. This is definitely doll size, or perhaps child size, or maybe the perfect size for elves, pixies, or scary gnomes.

The others are small models of traditional foods. Soba, various fish, and other goodies of the Japanese kictchen.


When I was a kid, I tried to make my own miniuates out of Fimo clay. However, the end results were far from these pristine examples. I can only fault my nine-year-old hands' lack of dexterity and the half-caucasian portion of my genetic code for not allowing perfect cuteness to be obtained.

But of course this brings us to another discussion I had with a few friends about what will cigarettes be called when the new tobacco legislation goes into effect. As a former smoker, I was fond of the Camel Light brand of cigarette. However, the term "light" will go the way of the smoking public and die off soon. So what shall we call it?

One friend stated, "Lights should be called 'Child-size.'"
I proposed calling light cigarettes, "Extra Sparkly."
But soon realizing our trend towards happy terms would be overshadowed by the "death and doom" approach to tobacco marketing. We had to change tactics.

Light cigarettes shall be known as Malignant Carcinoma with a left lung preference while Full flavor will be known a Carcinoma with Cardiac Embolism.

Case Closed.
Another stated that cartons should now be referred to as "Family Packs."

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