Monday, June 22, 2009

Thus Far...

I have managed to offend Vegans, Players of Tetris, and Speakers of Esperanto.

Can I have a HECK YEAH!

Anyway, let me note:

Esperanto: The language has only a thousand or so native speakers, the language was invented in 1891, consider it a crazy fad.

Vegans: you aren't getting the proteins you need, consider it a crazy fad.

Tetris: Video games + people who reference said video game for self-help purposes= bad bad bad, consider a crazy fad.

Anyway, The Wonderful World of Clutter will be sure to offend more and more people down the road. But be sure to note, the author does so with kindness. He even bares his soul in silly ways, poking fun at himself by showing what a stupid child he was. A stupid child who couldn't draw and/or write. The author was a stupid ugly baby. Ugly. Ugly. Stupid ugly baby.

So there.

And I will leave you with a little picture of someone doing target shooting in Montana.

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