Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Super Power is in my Belly


What can be said about the Legion of Super-Heroes, other than they are one of the most awesome group of super powered teens in the entire future of humanity?

Well, how about that they have Matter-Eater Lad on their team. Yep, a lot has been written about Matter-Eater Lad, mainly because his super power is the ability to eat anything. Have a giant titanium door that you can't get through? Send in the Lad.  Bound by chains of diamond and unable to break through them? Send in the Lad? Caught in the quick-sand-like-slurry of baked beans? Send in the Lad...Ad infinitum.

Matter-Eater Lad isn't the first unique heroe to appear on the team. I am personally a fan of Infection Lass who is a carrier of every known every known disease yet is somehow immune to all known disease. She can pass such pathogens along to anyone she wishes. And there is the ever popular Arm-Fall-Off Boy. His name explains it all.

These are the heroes we need these days.
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