Saturday, June 13, 2009

So this the post 50...

I wish I had something much more spectacular to post today. But Saturday is laundry day, and I have one mantra that I live by and that is nothing exciting happens on laundry day. Ergo, nothing exciting happened today.

However, I have decided that this would be a nice chance to list the things that have been wonderful contributions to my World of Clutter. Not necessarily the ephemeral ones and zeroes that make up the binary existence of a blog, but the places of retail therapy that add to the physical clutter of my apartment, the eateries that satiate my tummy when food is the best comfort, and songs that will never fail to make me giggle a little bit when the day is kind of overcast and I am riding the bus.

So first, retail therapy:
Bridge City Comics is the best and nicest of all comic book stores in the fine city of Portland. Ever since I first walked into this shop to pick up an issue of Infinite Crisis I have been a fan. I was one of their first box subscribers and have started picking up all of my weekly issues there. And believe me, I have a lot of issues.

Shadow House Collectibles is a unique antique store of curiosities of all kinds. I have found all sorts of odd books, antique pill bottles, contraptions, and postcards at this shop that never ceases to amaze me.

For something entirely different, and something I would not suggest taking children, in-laws, or church-going acquaintances to, Counter Media is probably the best bet. The stores contents can be a bit on the risque side on some aspects, however they also have a large collection eccentric literature and of unique art books (no, not all of them are adult) and topics on what can only be described as strange subjects.

Now for food:
The Red Fox makes me very happy. One of my oldest friends ones this joint. Two words: Gumbo Fries. Serious magic. Chuck, part owner, is an old roommate of mine from back in college. Mike his business partner, is rad...Simply rad. Which is good. The menus is small but always good. And there is a taxidermy fox. Bonus points.

Meat Cheese Bread is just a block away from my apartment and their maple bread puddle with cheese, sausage, and egg was the most brilliant thing I have had for breakfast in ages. In fact, I think it was the most exciting thing I experienced all day.

Bunk Sandwiches makes the best damned sandwiches in town these days. The line outside builds pretty dang quickly but it is well worth the wait.

And of course there is the B-Side Tavern . They don't have much of a menu. But they do have bottles of ginger ale, fucking awesome people. And I think of this joint as my living room. I spend 6-10 days out of the week here. This is the best place in the world. I like it more than I have liked most people I have known.

Now for songs:

These are the songs that have made me happy on my bus rides as of late:
"C is a Heavenly Option" by Heavenly
"Jupiter Girl" by the No-No's
"The Glow" by The Microphones
"Lester Pigot" by James
"Love & Hate" by the Crabs
"Bled White" by Elliott Smith
"Goodnight in German" by The Danforths
"Epic Problem" Fugazi

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