Saturday, June 25, 2011

This Will Eat You...

Outside my apartment stands the lone sentinel of the robot army that will soon destroy our society. And yes, it is designed to eat children.

Some have told me, "You know, it's just a swing set." But I know better. And I hope to educate and warn any of my readers who might be coming to Bozeman that this hollow automaton will rise one night and devour all of the children on the playground. And then it will send signals to the evil robot mothership that is hovering somewhere around the other side of Venus, to signal the "Day of Reckoning" has begun.

If you thought the original Terminator was scary, then this is the REAL Skynet program. T-9000 doesn't have anything on the hollow eyes of this metal creation of pure evil.

I can't prove it right now, and I don't want to have to tell people, "I told you so!" But that gaping mouth can devour upwards of five babies at one time. Be forewarned. Oh, and be afraid.

Don't let the "Game-Time" name fool you. I fear for my life near this thing. 
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