Monday, September 6, 2010

As the Summer Ends...

Unfortunately, the proliferation of yard sales comes to a sputtering closes as well. While I did not make a number of purchases this year, I did capture a number of images and a number of memories of things that people discard.

Today's post focusses on the artwork that people try to sell at garage sales. Often, framed posters are the low hanging fruit offered for a dollar a pop. But every once in a while, something different will appear. A ceramic duck, a canvas of crying clowns, or in this case, two young African American Children.

Also, matadors. I am not certain why, but matador paintings seemed to be extremely popular during a certain period of time. I think this was also the same period of time that people did a lot of quaaludes and cocaine while dancing in rooms with disco balls, but hey who am I to judge. 

Of course, there are the out of context items that will always make people snicker. Some words just don't mean the same think they did back in the oughts...

And then there is the odd find of cheesecake and pin-up art. These are much harder to scavenge up, most collectors pick these out and horde them for some onanist purpose. 

But now Fall, is unofficially here. And these sales on card tables in driveways are all but gone. A pity. We will have to wait nine more months for people to accumulate more clutter and reach a point where they feel like they must purge once more.

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  1. I love that "Gay 90s" piece, because it is such a great example of nostalgia. I looked at it, and its gotta be mid-70s to early 80s. So fun!

  2. I have to agree...

    Actually, as instant nostalgia, it become kitsch.

    Memes before computers...