Monday, August 9, 2010

The Scariest House in Portland: A Requiem

The Scariest House in Portland is no more. If you click on the link, you will get a few pictures of a strange abode in SE Portland where there was no lawn just an expanse of decorative red gravel, a bunny dressed as Rambo hanging on a swing on a front porch, surveillance and security camera warning signs, and a mock-cemetery devoted to the war dead. Well, the pictures don't hold all of those fond memories, but that was once the Scariest House In Portland.

I drove by it recently because a friend said he had trouble spotting the place. As I passed by, the crosses were gone, and so was bunny Rambo. The red rock former lawn had been excavated for perhaps a real garden or grass seed.

My guess, the patriot who owned the house died. The property sold. And to the the relief of neighbors up and down the block, the new owners immediately began the refurbishing this once pleasant bungalow. The other possibility is that man got evicted from the property and is armed and pissed off. I don't like to think of the later--I mean there were fake graves on his property all year long.

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