Saturday, August 15, 2009

Not coming up in Blackest Night...

Do you remember when a lonely Guardian, heartsick over being left behind when all of the his brothers went off with their immortal feminine equals the Zamarons to make nookie in another dimension, decided to take towns, villages, and alien settlements from around the universe and move them to the planet Oa? No?
Well, this is the basis for Green Lantern: Mosaic or at least the starting point for this social experiment in cross cultural idealism. Basically, this was one of the experimental comic books of the early nineties that DC was playing with at the time. While Superman and Batman were doing their Supering and Batty things, The Green Lantern of Earth, John Stewart has been moved to Oa to navigate a unique role of mediator, moderator, cultural interpreter, sociologist, cultural historian, ambassador, and kick-ass super-hero all while numerous aliens try to learn how to coexist on an alien planet.
Mosaic has yet to be collected and probably never will be gathered into a single book or collection of editions. The ideas expressed, the aliens, characterization, and even the narration provided by John Stewart and the primary protagonist made this book feel more like Doom Patrol or Swamp Thing in nature versus typical comic fair of the day.

The image below is a map of the of The Mosaic. Each Alien race had its own region, Steamfrogs had their own place while humans lived in the in the transported town of Hope Springs. Berserkers, a particularly brutal race lived is marked with a warrior.

One thing of note that somewhat confuses me though about the planet Oa and the Guardians in general. If they are one of the most powerful forces in the universe, and they created the ultimate weapon that's only weakness is the color yellow...shouldn't they have done something against the yellow chlorine storms? Even Metamorpho knows how to deal with chlorine...

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