Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Narwhal, nuff said...

Today on NPR there was a feature on the elusive narwhal. And while I would love to think of this animal as a taxidermy creation, it simply isn't. In my mind, the narwhal is an animal similar to the platypus, something so strange that it couldn't be real. But, alas, it is.
One things that is great about the description on the back of these cards is that they are dated. I doubt there are a number of "Eskimos" out there these days making narwhal harpoons. In fact, I doubt many use harpoons for hunting.
But you know what would be cool is a narwhal combined with a platypus. That would be the most awesome animal ever. Does anyone know a damned good taxidermist who has a a whale, lots of feather, and one effin' huge duck bill?
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