Friday, August 14, 2009

Analysis Complete: Interpreting my MRI

Top research scientists in specializing in neuro-anatomy have finally sent over clearly labeled regions of my brain as part of a collaborative project between the Wonderful World of Clutter and the Brain Science Institute of Applied Scientific Labeling. Basically, they are an organization that likes to look at pictures of scientific things and apply scientific labels. I figured they could provide the best analysis of the regions of my brain given that their work is highly regarded.
Aside from informing me that my skull is oddly misshapen in various parts, They have also identified key regions of interests to both me and avid readers of this blog. Some of the images may be a bit hard to read, so please click on the brain scans to see an enlarged view.

This first image clearly maps some of the large area where bad ideas come from, a highly specialized region that mirrors the bad idea area that is dedicated solely to the love of taxidermy, and a region in the primitive brain consumed by random song lyrics.

This next large, highly-ridged area is where general concern over Evil Monkeys is centered. It is hypothesized that this area has become so specialized in order to interpret and avoid the warning signs of Evil Monkey interference. While speech and language might normally be centered here in most people, apparently my vocal warnings about the Simian Kabal has formed its own specialized region that overwhelms the power of speech. Thus leading to one of my central theses, Evil Monkeys are everywhere. Good thing the MRI revealed that I have a latent ability for laser vision. I just need to focus my attention more to make it work. At the region of the Arbor Vitae, we find more clutter.

The last brain scan reveals a large central area dedicated solely to the knowledge of comic books. Right above the medulla is a region that is triggered by negative stimuli such as the terror of butterflies and moths. This area is responsible for the "fight of flight" response. Fight or Flight from butterflies and moths. Useless Historical Trivia and More Clutter take up other areas of the brain.

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