Friday, August 7, 2009

Evil Monkey Picture of the Week

I know what your thinking. You think that because this monkey is confined in a cage of wire mesh that you are safe. But you are completely wrong. The symbol on this card actually tells us the folly of this logic and i will explain here briefly. Never trust a caged monkey; they are always plotting their escape and your demise.

While the pictures these wildlife fact cards provide may present innocuous views of animals, hiding their vicious nature from our naive and civilized contemporary existence, they are informative in a symbolic sense. If you look at the upper-left-hand corner there is a squared-circle symbolizing a logical fallacy.

Squaring the circle has been one of the great challenges of the mathematics community. The simple gist of it is to find an equation that can convert the area of a circle perfectly to the exact area of a square of the same size and proportion. While visually this seems like it would be possible, the nature curves, numbers, and geometry, and infinities does not allow this to happen and the non-repeating nature of pi makes this the mathematical equivalent of a perpetual motion machine essentially rendering it a pursuit of fringe mathematicians who come up with long unprovable theorems that never stand the test of time.

Think of this evil monkey with in the wire mesh cage with the strange French name in much the same way. Oh, you might think that you are safe nearby. You might think that you have been convinced by some lunatic fringe element via the interweb that convinced you that said evil monkey was not that evil and that the circle could actually be squared. Ergo, everything is fine.

But of course you would be making a deadly error.

The other symbols have use as well and serve as other less direct warnings if you know how to read them properly. The Palm Tree shows preferences of environment in this case a desire to be in places with palm trees like Vallejo, California. The Udder as mentioned earlier means that you can milk this animal for dairy products; but do so only at your own risk.

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