Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hal Jordan, Your a Bastard We Love...

Way before Blackest Night, way before Sinestro War, way before Rebirth, Hal Jordan was dead. He was dead and well he was kind of a bastard. But like all bastards who die, he had one hell of a send off.

The simple story is this...After being a complete bastard after his city was destroyed, he killed a large number of the best and brightest Green Lantern Corps, he killed off the Guardians of the Universe, he then destroyed the Central Power Battery. But that wasn't all; he decided that he needed to fix everything. So he tried to recreate the universe. That didn't work too well either.

So when the sun was being devoured by a giant amoeba space creature called a Sun Eater, he decided he needed to help once more. This time he was a little less of an asshole about it and he sacrificed himself re-igniting the sun. Kudos to you, Hal Jordan. Kudos.

Much like a codependent lover, the heroes of the DC universe...and then some...all gather here to honor the brave sacrifice of Hal Jordan in this touching issue of Green Lantern.

In one of those rare instances after the Vertigo imprint of books got running, Constantine and Swamp thing appear with other DC characters, Something that is kind of nice to see given that they rarely intermingle these days.

But you know what, Batman...he's on to you Hal. He is just pretending to think you are forgiven. He still thinks you are a bastard. Even though he is dead...or somewhere in the paleolithic age, he knows you are a complete bastard.
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