Thursday, August 13, 2009


I have often stated there are three types of humor:
  • Funny "Ha Ha."
  • Funny "Uh Oh."
  • Funny "Oh No"
The following image falls into the the third category of "Funny Oh No!" I cannot take credit for this discover of abstract urban artwork, that actually falls on the hands of my good friend Eric, who stands somewhat befuddled in this picture. For, what you see in this picture is human feces thrown onto a wall and splattered at a height of approximately 18 feet with the poetic inscription, "butt vomit," indelibly marked next to it.

Why someone was inspired to do this, I cannot say. How they managed to do this...well that baffles me even more, especially given that the container used to project the excrement has partially remained embedded in the object on the wall. A certain amount of thought and effort had to go into organizing such a feat. It is a fairly well travelled road both during the day and night.

And how does one respond to a site like this?
Personally, I believe my first words were, "Oh dear god." followed by a certain type of laughter that causes pain in the lower muscles of the abdomen and wheezes from trying to catch one's breath.

By no means do I encourage such vandalism. In fact I find the whole thing repulsive. But at the same time, it was so off-kilter that I couldn't help but find it shockingly funny. A friend of mine were discussing inappropriate things to laugh at; we came up with a school bus full of clowns gets hit by a train. That would be funny "Oh No!" But then we realized if the bus were filled with mimes it would be goddamned hilarious.

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  1. You taking me on a field trip to visit the buttvomit was one of the funniest things I experienced all summer :)