Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Office Comedy

So dipping my toes into the realm of private life, I went through a half-year job review today. There is complexity and comedy to this, but I will leave that for other entries.

Since I began my career as a research assistant, I had been each review I faced a performance appraisal that I always found degrading.

Quoted verbatim:
Interacts in an appropriately professional and interpersonal manner with supervisory research staff and other co-workers. (Success: No more than two instances during the rating period in which inappropriate behaviors we observed or reported to supervisory staff)

In other words, as long as my boss and management didn't think I behaved unprofessionally more than twice, I was a success story.

Well, today I found out that this Appraisal Rating" was specifically requested by my last supervisor and it was unique to all other staff.

It had nothing to do with me but instead was the machinations of an agressive and paranoid boss.

Gotta love it!

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