Saturday, August 22, 2009

Field Trip: Oh No You Didn't

The Gresham Field Trip, hence known as Gresham-o-rama, has become an enlightening cultural experience. I have come to the conclusion, that this unique blip on the Oregon map is beyond confusing and slightly scary. But not because choice of ominous use of vicious animal mascots.

For example, the Gresham High School mascot, the Gopher.

We all know that I have a deep love of rodents, but this one posed like some pissed off valley girl is not really threatening me in any way. A cougar, a ram, an ox, hell even a orca might be a more terrifying mascot. They at least trample things or eat meat. But a gopher doesn't. A gopher pisses of farmers. Which given that Gresham was once a farming town makes sense, but that cultural significance is lost.

If a team is going for the cute and cuddly angle, they should go all the way. Like this lovely hamster below. All cuddles and cuteness. No threats of digging up the lawn or ruing the vegetable patch. And no silly pose. Just a look of wonder and bewilderment at how cute and cuddly, so mother-beloved-effin' cuddly it is...

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