Monday, October 18, 2010

Urban Farming

The Goats of Southeast Portland have become somewhat famous by now with articles featured in the Oregonian over in the last week. But I can't help but giggle a little bit each time I drive by and see these animals.

The vacant lot they are clearing was originally the site of the Monte Carlo and Lido, an old Italian restaurant and nightclub that had been around for ages until an adjacent warehouse caught fire and burned the entire block down in 2002. I recall the day of the fire; I was working at a local grocery store about six blocks west of the building and could see the huge columns black smoke rising in the air.

So for the past eight years, the land has remained vacant. The addition of goats has been a more vibrant attraction compared to the usual flotsam that accumulates in most vacant lots.

I once commented to my folks that I would like to raise goats and they said I wouldn't be able to do it. Well damn it, looking at this, I want to do it even more. I will have a small herd and I will milk them and make cheese, damned fine cheese too! And it will be awesome.

Okay. Bye.
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