Saturday, August 15, 2009

Little Known Nature Facts...

My wildlife cards are great! For example, without their help, and this wonderful illustration, I would have never known that humpback whales were capable of flight!

As far as I can tell, the circle with all of the arrows indicates all of the directions in which a humpback whale can travel: forwards, backwards, lateral, horizontal, downwards, diagonally, and most impressively, vertically. Apparently, a humpback whale can flap its fins so fast, even faster than that of a humming bird, that it will cause the massive animal to propel out of the water and fly for upwards of 300 meters which is a distance longer than most chickens and poodles are able to fly.

Those keen on new forms of aquaculture can also attempt to milk humpback whales to make cheese. However, baby humpbacks are known to be highly aggressive and to use their baleen as a weapon against men wearing scuba equipment.

The things we learn on the internet!
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