Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Ah, the Horseshoe Crab, occasionally known as the "king crab." Kind of a funny looking animal. Some say it is a living fossil. But the writers of this wildlife kingdom profile have decided that calling it an" underwater casserole" would be much more fitting.

When I think of casseroles, I don't think of things with lots of legs. And I also don't think of it being underwater. I like to think of french friend onions. Or sometimes I like to think of funerals. Little known fact, casseroles are the traditional food of the funerals. If someone dies; you bring them a casserole. Think about it, but don't think too hard--you might think of a regrettable experience about a dear lost aunt.

Apparently, you can cook a horseshoe crab. But I don't think you can make a casserole out of it. And I don't think you should take a horseshoe crab casserole to a funeral even though casseroles are the traditional foods of funerals. Once again it it the too many leg thing.

Alas we are left with a living fossil. In the age of dinosaurs, there were no casserole and there were no horseshoes. In fact this nameless crab went around experiencing a kind of existential crisis that only post-modernist theorist and 8-track aficionados experience these days as they tried to cling to some sense of identity in their era. It was only until the invention of horse that this crab had some sense of purpose.

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