Monday, August 24, 2009

Field Trip: Gresham's International District

To end the Gresham-o-rama experience, I give you a highlight of Gresham dining--Heidi's. This is something I like to think of as fine dinering.

One thing that indicates being in a classic diner, and that you are too young to be a patron, is the inclusion of liver and onions on the menu. My estimate of the mean age of the clientele is at about 65 and dying.

Heidi's has a Swiss theme. Though most of the gift store items have to do with Dutch products and German goods. Oh, and the fresh crab isn't too fresh...of course crab isn't really a traditional Swiss dish. So don't order the crab benedict.

If that isn't confusing enough, there is a giant pagoda across the street from this little slice of Europe in Gresham. Which makes me feel like this part of town might just be ripe for some type of political turmoil sooner than later.

I honestly think I have written all I can about this place. Now I need a new field trip. Next weekend promises high the Mary Hill Museum.
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