Friday, August 19, 2011

On a Considerably Lighter Note...

In the "There's a Desperate Need for an Apostrophe Department File" I present to you:

Bears Hump.

Whether the author of this well illustrated sign meant "Bear's Hump," or not, I may never know. Perhaps it is just a warning to the hikers, especially since the cyclists and the horseback riders have obviously been stricken from the record. Or perhaps the sign indicates that bears have a tendency to seek coitus with hikers as opposed to those humans seeking equestrian or bicycle transportation. 

Or simply it is a declaration of love. That bears just like to do it in the woods.

So many questions remain because a little diacritic is possibly absent. Is it "Bears Hump?" or "Bear's Hump?" Which goes along quite well with the age old question about whether bears shit in the woods (if you didn't know...they do) and the other question asking if the Pope is Catholic. Of course the Pope would probably not condone bears humping unless they were properly wedded, but that is another post for another time. 

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