Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Codependce Day!

Happy Codependence Day! Yes, every 5th of July, American's across the country wake up and question what their relation ship with this country and wonder "is it really worth it?" American was up late partying, getting drunk, lighting off explosives and nearly blowing off fingers, and then coming home with no apologies, and now it wants us to make sacrifices. Of course, we don't really know whether it is worth it. The relationship is complicated, we want to leave but it is so hard. We put so much time into America.

So why put up a picture of ferrets? Nothing exemplifies Codependence Day more than good ol' Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City and GOP presidential hopeful, and his hatred of ferrets. During his mayorship, he banned owning of these mammals within the city limits outraging some of his constituents. The rest is best summed up by this audio clip with video, taken from, from Rudy's weekly radio call-in show when a ferret fan confronts then mayor.

Loving America is tough. And Canada seems mighty appealing after knowing that this is what could have been president.


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